About Us

a/political collaborates directly with artists on the realisation of ambitious projects, initiating, producing and touring the projects world-wide. The organisation provides a neutral space, where artists are encouraged to interrogate social and political concerns. With offices based in London, a/political opened The Foundry as an experimental space outside the controls of the contemporary art market. Located in the industrial of town of Maubourguet, west of Toulouse, The Foundry is situated 50 kilometres from the Pyrenees mountain range. The Foundry covers an area of over 3,500 square meters. Founded in 1870 by Jules Fabre, the iron foundry mobilised during the First World War to produce armaments and military equipment for the National Defence. After the war, the secluded area became a centre for Communists. Emigrating from the Fascist regimes of Franco and Mussolini, an international immigrant community developed who worked together under a shared identity and ideology. Recently converted into a site of production, artists are invited to use the local factories to produce new work. A localised economy is growing, as artists trade art in exchange for commodities. In addition to the realisation of large-scale projects, a/political continues to acquire work for the collection.