Andrei Molodkin – Bloodline / A/Political

Exhibition run: 15 February – 27 March 2019


The use of human blood is required to interrogate the existing political system.


This Valentine’s Day, 14th February 2020, Russian artist Andrei Molodkin premieres Bloodline at Rua Red, Tallaght Dublin. It features a new installation of human blood that forces the public to engage with the existing political system.


Evolving from the controversial work ‘Young Blood’ that saw Andrei Molodkin collaborate with prosecuted London Drill musicians at BPS22 Museum in Belgium (2019), Bloodline shifts focus away from music lyrics European Governments deem unsafe for popular consumption, and towards the language of terror.


An industrial machine pumps human blood across the walls, donated onsite by local social and political groups. The flow of blood beats to the rhythm of the human respiratory system. As you engage with the artwork you become responsible for the content. You are no longer a witness, but are accountable for what you have read.


You will be complicit in an act of terrorism, financed under the guise of charitable donations.