Introduction / Petr Davydtchenko

The active archive includes photographs, videos, culinary apparatus and customized equipment collected over the course of four seasons. Living off natural produce that has been rejected by society, the documentation bears witness to the transformation of a working member of society into a self-sustaining scavenger, detached from the global economic system.


Without spending 1 Euro over a year in the industrial town of Maugbourguet, the streets have become the source of survival. Animals freshly killed by automobiles and discarded fruit and vegetable have been collected before sunrise and taken back for consumption. The place of preparation has evolved into a locale of necessity. Animals hang from the ceiling stuffed with hot stones.


Piles of fat from the road-kill are stored in anticipation of the next find; fat is made into soap to keep clean. Dialogues between neighbours have been documented for the archive, including members of the local community concerned over the disappearance of their pets. GPS pins of road-kill people have passed have also been recorded. Recipes used and experimented with have been noted. An object in the archive includes a blanket made from over 25 animals’ skins such as dogs, wild boars, foxes, cats, badgers and crows.


The archive is a representation of the transforming social space and can be continued in other locations where it is possible to survive from the animals and harvest the cities discard.